‘Onana’ reveals that ‘Sar’ helps tutor a lot.

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Andre Onana, Manchester United goalkeeper, revealed that he had a good relationship with Edwin van der Sar, the legendary goalkeeper, while playing at Ajax Amsterdam. “Uncle Sar” is recuperating after suffering from a condition

. brain hemorrhage Until having to sleep in the ICU for several days Shortly after resigning as Ajax CEO,

Van der Sar and Onana spent time together in the Spanish capital between 2015 and 2022, with the Cameroon goalkeeper Said he was taught many things during that time. สมัคร ufabet

“Of course I have a good relationship with him. I was talking to him when I heard the bad news. But he’s doing well,” Onana said.

“He’s had a big impact. I was with him when I was at Ajax. We had a great time. We practice together sometimes. He gave me a lot of advice. “

I was happy when I moved to Manchester United. Both during the game and at the end of the game he gave me a lot of advice. Especially if I make a mistake ′

′ He will come straight into the dressing room. or on the practice field to talk to me He helped me build this kind of persona. I will always be grateful to him.”