Harry Kane as a member of the team

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Harry Kane as a member of the team

He is England’s all-time top scorer. And the best centre-forward in the world, but for me Harry Kane was the one who slipped away at the last minute. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com

I was in charge of Queens Park Rangers, it was the summer transfer deadline of September 2013 and the deal process was well done. For the loan of both Harry Kane and Tom Carroll to join our team.

We were in the Championship at the time, I already knew both boys from my time at Spurs and thought they could do a great job with us. We had a striker like Andy Johnson in the team, who was a good striker. But came to the final year of the contract and Crystal Palace offered £ 1 million, causing him to leave.

Harry Kane has agreed to move to join our team. But then someone at QPR thought they should get more money from Johnson and Palace decided to pull the deal off. That means Johnson will stay and I don’t have room for young Harry, so he has to stay at Spurs.

Turns out that was the year he was born. When getting into the Spurs first team, even if it was due to some accidents, such as Roberto Soldado’s injury and Harry was substituted. before doing well

The following season, he became a full first-team member. and has never stopped shooting since.

Having Harry in the team means you have guaranteed goals. I just wish I could get him to QPR, only without him. We still managed to move up the ranks successfully. So it wasn’t a bad thing to miss him in the end!