Harid suggests ‘Hoylund’ communicate more with ghost friends.

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Former striker Daniel Sturridge advises Manchester United striker Rasmus Hoylund to start communicating more with his teammates. To help return to scoring goals again,

the 20-year-old striker moved to Old Trafford last summer. However, he was still unable to score his first goal on the Premier League stage. ยูฟ่าเบท

Sturrid J said, “It will change. Hoylund has to communicate with his teammates to let them know what he likes. He must communicate to let them know that “I like the ball and give it to me that way.”

“The manager has his own idea of ​​how he wants to play. After all, he is a project. And right now he’s not a complete striker. It’s a topic that isn’t finished yet.”

‘It will change, he [Hojlund] has to have conversations with his team-mates letting them know what he likes, he has to have these conversations letting them know “this is what I’m like get the ball here and feed me in”,’ Sturridge

“When he gets the chance He’s trying to show that he has the ability to score goals for a big club like United. “

Maybe Hoylund has spent too much time in places trying to say, ‘I have to create.’ Things on your own, trying to score goals. which during those times It ended up not scoring or scoring many goals.”